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Look, nutrition is COMPLEX. Even the experts say so and, trust us, we were not experts.

We’d done every fad diet under the sun, including the cabbage soup diet pre-Magaluf 2005 (remember that?) and grew up in Scotland eating deep-fried pizza and chips, plus all of Edinburgh’s supply of Yum Yums. We only knew what kale was because we used to feed it to the guinea pig on his birthday.

That all flip-reversed when we volunteered to be part of the TwinsUK research at King’s College London. Twins are a great constant for medical research, and we became the ‘chief guinea pigs’ for the British Gut Project. After a lot of sending our poo off in the post, and a couple of colonoscopies, they discovered that despite us having 100% of the same DNA, our guts shared only 30–40% of the same microbiota (head to intro to the gut for more on the basics!), which could explain why our bodies behave so differently.

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